The Chase ebook live on Amazon

Today, The Chase went live on Amazon. I uploaded it last night, fully expecting it would take 48 hours to become available through Kindle Publishing – but early this morning, there it was! It’s been a very exciting day after an exhausting few weeks –  I’m delighted to give my novel another chance to be discovered by readers. It was originally published by Bloomsbury and the rights had reverted to me, so I decided to embark on the great self-publishing adventure.

I’ll be blogging more about this – about the novel itself and about the process of publication. I’ll also be e-publishing it for different e-readers and producing a paperback version too.

In the meantime, I’m getting ready to attend the London Book Fair next week. I’ll be promoting the novel in association with The Alliance of Independent Authors, which I joined at the time of its launch a year ago. The support and advice of the Alliance is invaluable.

These are exciting times for writers. More and more, authors are taking the ‘hybrid’ route to getting their work out there and I’m all in favour of that. Today I was also able to announce that my children’s novel, Hinterland, is on the eight-strong longlist for Macmillan’s Write Now Prize. i do hope enough people will vote for it at independent bookshops and get it onto the shortlist of four! I think that the fact that authors can choose indie-publishing, traditional publishing or a mixture of the two is just wonderful.