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The paperback of The Chase is out now!

Now although it’s been wonderful having The Chase available on Kindle, it’s even more wonderful to be able to hold a tangible print copy in my hands once more! Here they are then, my paperback copies – I’ll be taking some to the Book Fair at the Winchester Writers’ Conference where I’ll be teaching at the end of this week. They’re now also available on Amazon: the links are here and here.

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The Chase paperback version

Well, The Chase has been available on Kindle for a few weeks now and I really appreciate the responses it’s been getting. However, not everyone likes or owns an e-reader and even those who do still cherish print books, so I’m keen that my novel should be available in paperback format too. My lovely cover-designer is currently working on the jacket and last week was spent editing and proofreading the novel again once it had been formatted. I’m really excited and also more than a little tense because I want it to be available in time for the Writers’ Conference in Winchester in late June! Watch this space!